Carbalose Pie Crust

Click to enlarge (8″x11″ cobbler shown)
This is an older pie crust recipe of mine posted last year.  My inspiration was KevinPa’s crust recipe here:   I am thinking about adding a bit of flax to it for when I want a grainier taste…

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Griddled Chia Biscuits (3)

Click to enlarge This past week while on a driving tour through the Missouri-Arkansas Ozark Mountains I experienced something totally new to me.  On our way back home we stopped in a little East Texas town called Athens and ordered breakfast.  When my biscuits were brought to the table, I discover.... More »

Perfect Rib Roast + MORE

Click to enlarge Well, I made it through yet another Christmas feast!  Now, my husband is sound asleep in his favorite chair so I thought I’d post my favorite method for cooking rib roasts that I used tonight.  It’s how my mother roasted them for years and years and folks, it just does.... More »

Smoky Sofrito Spinach

Click to enlarge I created an absolutely delightful spinach dish tonight.  I served it alongside some grilled ribeye steaks, but it would be great with any meat or broiled seafood.  It’s incredibly simple to put together and only needs 20-30 minutes bake time!  Both I and my husband liked t.... More »

Inside-Out Pizza Muffins + MORE

Click to enlarge I saw the cutest little salami “bowls” on yesterday. I thought they were so clever!  I wanted to try my hand at these cute little “bowls”, and saw so many potent.... More »

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